` Visualizing Reading FC's Winning 2011/2012 Season

Visualizing Reading FC's Winning 2011/2012 Season

I used the D3 javascript visualization library and modified one of the code examples from Mike Dewar's excellent book Getting started with D3 to build a modest visualization which tells the story of Reading football club's championship winning season 2011-2012.

The visualization plots matches played (x-axis) against points accumulated (y-axis). Click on "Add club" button to compare the progress against that of the other clubs playing in the England and Wales FA Championship.

You should be able to see that after a slow start Reading did brilliantly, especially in the second half of the season. Come on URRRRZZZZ!

Note that for best results (probably for any results) you'll need to use a browser which supports scalable vector graphics (you should be OK unless using internet explorer 8 or earlier)

England FA Championship Season 2011-2012

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